Quincy Records Some “Firsts”

Quincy Records Some “Firsts”

When the fire department at Quincy, Ill., put a 1,250 gallon pumper (American LaFrance) into commission, May 14, 1952, it added another “first” to its long record of achievements. The engine, designated as No. 3, was assigned to headquarters, replacing a 25-year-old 1000 gallon pumper (American LaFrance).

Quincy was one of the first cities in Illinois to purchase a fire engine, in 1839. It was an “arm-strong pumper” that required at least eight men to operate the long handles on each side of the crude affair. It was known as the “Water Witch” and is kept on display at the No. 8 station.

Quincy with the first Illinois city to buy a piece of motorized equipment. In 1911 it placed in service a Seagrave combination chemical and hose truck.

Quincy was the first Illinois city to purchase a 1,000 gallon pumper (American LaFrance, bought in 1914).

In 1918 the entire department was completely motorized, making it the first city in Illinois to achieve that record.

In 1940 the department put in service a 100-foot aerial ladder truck (American LaFrance). It is said that no other Illinois department had a ladder of that type in service, at that time. And as far as Chief George Simon can ascertain, no other Illinois city has a 1,250 gallon pumper in service.

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