Quintron Systems Announces the Completion of the Fourth USAF STRATCOM-Related Multi-Level Communications System

Quintron Systems, Inc. (www.quintron.com), the recognized leader in advanced interoperable voice systems and physical access control/intrusion detection systems, is pleased to announce completion of the fourth Air National Guard command center site installation. This delivery uses the innovative Quintron DICES IV system design first created for the USAF STRATCOM Global Operations Center (GOC). The fourth site is located at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base outside Tucson, AZ. This site joins earlier system installations in Tennessee, Idaho, and Kansas with similar DICES IV systems.

The new site is also the largest of the four ANG sites, providing 78 operations user stations utilizing the secure audio external port design first provided to STRATCOM in 2006. The equipment delivery to Davis-Monthan was made in October 2010 with final shipment of user stations in November. Installation and overall integration of the equipment was performed by the local ANG subcontractor, Serco, with an initial week of start-up support from Quintron engineers for the main system in November, and a final week of system administrator training in March 2011. The system is currently in final verification testing and full operational status is expected by fall 2011.

During this same period, a third major system expansion was produced and delivered to the original USAF STRATCOM site in Omaha, increasing the capacity of this DICES IV switch to 200 ports. Incremental expansion since initial delivery of 80 port capacity in 2006 has been driven by increased user requirements following experience with the original user station design. User acceptance of the new interface and system features has created the increased demand with numerous add-on orders released annually.

“This major set of additional site deliveries using our STRATCOM product enhancement for DICES IV is rewarding validation to our proven overall product line”, said David E. Wilhite, Quintron President and Chief Operating Officer. “Quintron is always proud to support the nation’s war fighters with our technology and these systems certainly fit that definition.”
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About Quintron

For over 40 years, Quintron has provided high technology and cost effective solutions worldwide to government and industry in support of mission critical communications and security requirements for command and control applications. No other company offers the depth of expertise found at Quintron in fault tolerant, interoperable communications, and security systems. In addition to providing advanced products and systems, Quintron’s professional technical services capability provides a superior level of customer satisfaction. Quintron’s engineering services provide off-the-shelf or customized engineering solutions to solve the toughest of challenges facing customers. Visit www.quintron.com or call 805.928.4343 for more information.

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