Radio Fire Communications Recorded at Columbus

Radio Fire Communications Recorded at Columbus

Further progress in fire and police radio communications is indicated by the successful application of wire recording to the operation of fire and police radio station WPDI in Columbus, Ohio.

James Harkins, Columbus Superintendent of Police and Fire Communications and his staff, along with Mr. L. C. Murphy, representing the Peirce Wire Recorder Corp., developed a dual recording system employing two Peirce wire recorders. The two machines record all incoming and outgoing calls over station WPDI.

The machine is ready to record as soon as a voice energizes the movement of the wire. One two-hour spool of wire lasts 24 hours, according to tests made in Columbus. When one machine has recorded all of its wire, the second one automatically goes on and is ready to record.

The wire is filed for one year in Columbus. It can later be reused since the magnetic erasing feature permits reuse of the same wire indefinitely without any deterioration. It can be transcribed if necessary, or can be stored. It can be replayed at any time.

Two Wire Recorders Provide Columbus, Ohio, Fire and Police Radio Station, WPDI, with a Complete 24-Hour Record-on-Wire of All Incoming and Outgoing Colls.

Since the Federal Communications Commission requires complete logging of time on the air, many police and fire radio stations are expected to plan similar installations. Those participating in the Columbus project in addition to Harkins and Murphy are Robert Swepson, chief technician of fire and police communications and George Brannon, assistant chief technician.

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