Radio Recommended for Canadian Departments

Radio Recommended for Canadian Departments

A move to strengthen Greater Toronto’s peacetime fire defenses by establishing a single radio communication system was recommended recently by Ontario Fire Marshal W. J. Scott.

In a letter to York Township Council, the marshal asked the municipality to consider having a shortwave radio system linked with the Toronto transmitter.

It is believed similar letters will be sent to the 11 other suburban municipalities. At a meeting of fire chiefs in April such a step was considered. The system would be used by fire brigades to call for reinforcements when a fire gets out of control.

Lack of an efficient radio communication system in the past, the marshal said, has resulted in delay of much-needed assistance. The fire marshal’s office is now waiting delivery of several short wave radio sets for installation on apparatus and training units.

Fire Chief Ernest Wood of York Township said the radio system may only be the first of several plans on a program to prepare the Greater Toronto area for defense against aerial bombardment.

He said no instructions have been received yet from federal authorities in connection with training civilians for duties similar to Air Raid Precautions during the Second World War.

“But in the event of another war, a civilian fire corps would be better trained and have more duties than the ARP.” commented Chief Wood.

Chief Wood said that, if council approved of the system, a transmitter would be set up in the Mount Dennis Fire Hall.

When township firemen require assistance at a tire today, a call is made from the fire car radio to the police station radio transmitter and the office on duty then relays the call for aid by telephone to the fire hall.


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