Raise in Subscription Rates

Raise in Subscription Rates

Owing to the increased cost of production FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING finds itself facing the necessity, as the majority of its contemporaries have already done, of increasing its subscription rates. That this step would have to be taken has been apparent for several months, but we have held back with the hope that there might possibly be some improvement looking toward the lessening of the expenses of production. Instead of this, matters have been growing steadily worse. The price of paper has increased in the past year 250 per cent. and the cost of printing fully 200 per cent. The expense incident to the production of the illustrations has also risen, the engravers prices having increased from 18 to 25 per cent.

At the present yearly rate of three dollars subscribers arc paying exactly 5.9 cents for a copy of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Against this the expenses of bringing out an ordinary edition are, for paper and printing alone, 19 cents per copy. And, with the added mailing, editorial, and over-head expenses, the total cost to us for an issue is 31 cents per copy. We make this statement to show the necessity for increasing the subscription rate.

There is also another view of the matter to be considered. Take up any current issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING and compare with one of, say, the volumes of 1918, and the difference in the material and make-up will at once become apparent. It has been our aim to steadily improve the paper both in the fire and water sections, and judging from the numberless commendatory letters we have received we have at least partly succeeded in this ambition.

To accomplish this we have spared no expense from the editorial standpoint. This has naturally necessitated heavy expenditures to obtain the very best material in reading matter.

So that, reluctantly, we are compelled to announce that commencing July 1, the yearly subscription rate for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING will be raised to four dollars per annum.

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