Recent Accidents in the Fire Service.

Recent Accidents in the Fire Service.

Annapolis, Md.—A Hook and ladder truck was wrecked and put out of commission by collision with trolley car.

Boston, Mass.—Five firemen seriously injured by falling bricks in lumber fire.

Chicago. Ill.—Two battalion chiefs, one lieutenant and 14 firemen were overcome by smoke while fighting a mattress factory fire.

Des Moines. Ia.—Driver thrown from department wagon in runaway due to defective hitching.

Kansas City, Mo.—Seven men injured by falling wall at cotton warehouse fire.

Lynn, Mass.—Chief Thomas A. Harris and his driver were thrown from an automobile which crashed into telegraph pole while on way to fire

Marshall. Mich.—Fireman at tournament fell from top of 24-foot ladder to pavement and dangerously injured.

New York City.—The services of a police surgeon were required to treat the eyes of all Richmond Hill firemen. Returning from a thirdrail fire, they were unable to see because of the electric display.

Philadelphia, Pa.—Joseph Hughes struck by stream of water from hose and died as result. Had been in department 21 years.

Shamokin, Pa.—Chief Alexander Bradley seri ously injured by falling bricks at $75,000 fire in business section.

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