Records Broken at Northwest Fire School

Records Broken at Northwest Fire School

The Northwest Fire School celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a three day session. May 3 to 5, in St. Paul, Minn., which was attended by 527 participants. The School was held in the auditorium of the State Office Building, and seats were at a premium throughout all the meetings.

Governor Luther W. Youngdahl of Minnesota, gave an inspiring address, stressing the Governor’s Fire Prevention Conference and other matters of fire prevention and the fire service.

Following the fire prevention-minded _____overnor, who received an ovation, Richard E. Vernor of the Western Actuarial Bureau, delivered an enlightening talk “How to Kill a Meeting.”

Flaming Frame Mill and Storage Shed Defies Bridgeport Firemen Stocks of pre-fabricated houses fed fire which started in vast storage shed of Cilco Terminal and spread destruction over wide area. Loss $500,000. Navy crews aided Bridgeport fire fighters.

Photo Courtesy Bridgeport Post

Other outstanding features of the School included a demonstration of the extinguishment of liquified-petroleum gas fires in which firemen themselves participated under actual fire control conditions. Another demonstration consisted of igniting two bales of rags and extinguishing them with a wetting agent.

On May 4 the Minnesota Fire Prevention Association, together with the Fire Underwriters’ Association, sponsored dutch lunch for the entire group.

According to Leonard C. Lund, Deputy Commissioner, Fire Marshal Division, who has spearheaded Northwest Fire Schools, the sponsors hold high hopes of still further expanding the School next year.

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