Red Hot Steel Doors Delay Firemen

Red Hot Steel Doors Delay Firemen

Chicago firemen were forced to batter down a red hot steel door to get at the seat of a fire which swept a divisional freight warehouse of the Wabash Railroad. With the exception of a small two-story portion, the building was one story high.

When firemen arrived they found that heavy steel doors blocked entrance to the building. Additional calls were sent and finally Chief Michael J.

Corrigan responded to direct the work. By the time equipment arrived to batter down the doors, the steel was red hot. Several box cars on the loading track were ignited and destroyed.

A watchman was suffocated by smoke. It is believed died while trying to crawl to a fire alarm box.

Ex-Chief John Kenlon of the New York Fire Department is passing the balance of the winter at Whittier, Cal. While there he expressed the opinion that employment of aircraft as an integral part of every metropolitan Fire Department will come within the next few years.

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