Redesign for FEMA and AFG Websites

As early as July 20, a new, redesigned version of the FEMA website will be launched, and a new version of the AFG website will be launched at the same time. The changes will make the website more user friendly and easier to navigate. Here are some important points to remember about the redesigned website:

  • When going to, the website will be automatically redirect to the new AFG landing page.
  • SAFER applications that are in process will not be affected by the website redesign.
  • The E-Grant application link ( will not be affected.  Grantees will still be able to submit applications for FY 2012 SAFER and submit all payments/reports as usual.  The internal link for the AFG system should continue to function normally too.
  • Everything associated with the current SAFER application period and AFG awards (Current — 2010) should be available on the new site.  This includes the Guidance document, Self-Assessments, etc.
  • Although the most important AFG web pages will be available right away, not all of the former AFG website’s content will be.  Why? Because our former site was developed using a different platform and the site did not transfer.  However, our site is in the process of being rebuilt, and we are working as quickly as possible to transfer the rest of the AFG content to the redesigned website.
  • The redesign of the FEMA and AFG website is a work in progress, and we will be working as quickly as possible to sort out any technical problems that may result.


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