A Plan Which Will Aid the Firemen in Visualizing the Nature of the Basement and Its Construction

In all my experience as a fire-fighter I have found that basement fires are the most troublesome, dangerous and hardest to combat. Fires of this character are particularly hazardous when you do not know the construction of the basement. After many experiences with basement fires, I realized that some simple plan must be originated to give me and my men an instant mental picture of the construction of the basement in every business house in the city as a guide to reach and fight the fire successfully. On all side or front side walk openings, I had the following signs painted with red paint. Each sign was an explanation of the construction of each basement. In case of snow and ice these same markings are painted on building opposite the signs on the side walk.

We have had a few basement fires since this has been in effect and found that trouble, danger and losses have been reduced to a minimum.

—The Amcrican-LaFrance.

Pump Purchased for Toledo, 111.—A Chippewa pump was purchased to be installed in the pumping station at Toledo, 111.

Englewood, Col., Lays Water Mains—A large number of water mains are being laid in the northern section of Englewood, Col.

New Jersey Water Company to Issue More Stock—The Bound Brook Water Company of New Jersey has been authorized by the public utilities commission to issue $153,000 additional stock of which $53,000 is to be distributed as a stock dividend. The balance will be devoted for plant improvements.

Newport, Cal., to Start on Water Works System—The trustees of Newport, Cal., ordered City Engineer Paul Kressly to advertise for bids for constructing a water works system estimated to cost $350,000. Bonds to finance the construction of the system were voted early in September.

Water Works Increases Providence Debt—Due to the issuing of bonds in Providence, R. I., for the financing of the construction of the new Scituate water supply, the city increased its indebtedness by $4,000,000. According to the city treasurer the city debt is $34,338,000 as compared with $30,968,000 at the end of the previous year.

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