Reel Picks Up Big Hose

Reel Picks Up Big Hose

A nearly effortless means of picking up 4-inch hose is being used by the South Royalton, Vt., Fire Department. The heavy work is done by a powered reel mounted on a single axle trailer.

The reel, about 4 feet in diameter, can hold 2000 feet of lightweight, 4-inch hose, and it is powered by a 7-horsepower, air-cooled gasoline engine with a belt drive. A foot pedal on each side of the rear of the trailer deck engages a tension pulley on the belt drive to power the reel. This provides close control of the reel as the trailer moves along a road while picking up hose.

Each South Royalton pumper has a trailer hitch in front as well as in the rear, Chief Kenneth Prior explained, so that the hose reel trainer can be pushed while picking up hose. This gives the apparatus driver a clear view of the operation so that he can adjust the speed of the apparatus to the conditions ahead, Prior said.

The hose reel trailer was designed and made for the South Royalton Fire Department by the Middlesex Fire Equipment Co. in Montpelier, Vt.

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