Reflectors for Hydrants

Reflectors for Hydrants

A new type of reflector, the design of which was made to fit a fire hydrant, and which was invented by Lacey R. Blackman, Bridgeport, Conn., was demonstrated on July 12 before Mayor Jasper McLevy, George Wellington, President of the Board of Fire Commissioners, and Chief Thomas F. Burns, Bridgeport. The officials were impressed with the new invention and agreed to a plan proposed by Commissioner Wellington to install the reflectors on fire hydrants in sections of the city where complaints were received about the lack of hydrant visibility.

Recent Deliveries of Fire Apparatus Pirsch 600-gallon two-stage centrifugal pumper, equipped with cab and water tank, has been delivered to Cedarburg, Wis.Pirsch intermediate aerial ladder truck, with fifty feet all metal ladder and about two hundred feet all metal ground ladders, delivered to Champaign, Ill. The unit also has a 750-gallon centrifugal, series parallel pump.

The purpose of the reflectors is to attract attention of passing motorists and to aid firemen in locating hydrants in dimly lighted sections of the city. The reflector, known as the Flector Light, immediately reveals the presence of the hydrants as the fire apparatus or passenger vehicle swings around corners.

The permanence of this type of reflector lens is assured, as the units are hermetically sealed against the weather.

The Flector Light hydrant protector comprises a split aluminum band to encircle a hydrant toward the upper portion and which has about its outer side a series of reflector buttons, so located that when the band is about a hydrant some of the reflectors face in all directions. The device has means whereby its ends are connected permanently about the hydrant.


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