Refuse Burner Removes Rubbish

Refuse Burner Removes Rubbish

The Kernerator, a product of the Kerner Incinerator Company of Milwaukee, has been designed to take care of the rubbish problem of apartment houses and dwellings.

In the kitchen of each of the apartments is a small iron door near the baseboard which connects by means of a due to the incinerator in the basement.

Whenever the housewife has some sort of refuse, tin cans, and so forth, she throws it down this chute. When the incinerator is almost full, the janitor ignites the mass, and it is claimed, that no further attention is necessary.

The grates in the incinerating chamber arc so arranged as to insure a minimum amount of gases or smoke during the burnings. At the side of the horizontal grates on which all refuse falls is a vertical grate called the by-pass grate. Behind the by-pass grate is a secondary or by-pass due. During burnings, the air comes up the by-pass due, passes through the vertical grate and feeds heated oxygen to the top of the fire.

Arrangement for Incinerator in the Home

The fire is always at the top of the burning material. The heat liberates gases from the material underneath. These gases pass up through the dames where there is a plentiful supply of oxygen.

After repeated burnings, ashes and what is left of tin cans, bottles and so forth are dumped into the ashpit and taken out at periodic intervals. The device is of interest to fire chiefs because of the ease with which it eliminates the rubbish heap problem in the dwelling or apartment house. The illustration shows the details of the incinerator.

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