Regulating Apparatus

Regulating Apparatus

Regulating Apparatus for Boiler Furnaces, etc.

A patent for a regulating apparatus, filed in the United States Patent Office, Washington, D. C., was granted to Thomas B.

Wylie, of Pittsburgh, Pa., the number of the patent being 1,174,789. Figure 1 herewith is a view partly in vertical section and partly in elevation and largely conventional of one form of regulating device embodying the invention, which the inventor states in the specifications, has relation to regulating apparatus, and while it is adaptable to a variety of different purposes, has been more particularly designed for use as a boiler regulator for gas fire boilers. The invention, he states, provides means of sensitive and reliable character for automatically controlling the supply of gas to the boiler furnace, in accordance with the steam pressure developed by the boiler. The inventor’s claims in part are: “An automatic regulator of the character described, comprising the combination with a fluid pipe line, of a balanced valve for controlling the flow through said pipe line, a pressure plate carrying the valve, means whereby both sides of said plate may be exposed to the balancing pressure of the fluid in the line controlled by said valve, there being an escape conduit leading from one side of said pressure plate to an escape

opening, a valve normally closing said escape opening, a thermostatic device which controls the said escape opening, and an automatic balanced valve in said conduit between the pressure chamber and the valve controlling said escape opening substantially as described.”

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