Reinforced Nylon Fiberglass Panels Survive Hot Fire

Reinforced Nylon Fiberglass Panels Survive Hot Fire

A Case History

Damaged interior of building indicates intensity of fireCloseup of one nylon-reinforced fiber-glass door following extinguishment. Damage was result of forcible entry at point where fire was brought under controlThis door was in raised position during fire. Circles pinpoint area where molten metal dripped onto surface and solidified. Circle at A marks point where heavy timber fell and struck panel

All photos courtesy Filon Corp.

ADVERSE weather conditions as well as a severe lack of water hampered volunteer firemen from six surrounding communities in controlling a $300,000 fire in the Fish Building Supply Company at Middleton, Wis., on November 22, 1961. The building was constructed of metal siding, with some interior wood framing. It was gutted and destroyed except for nylon-reinforced fiberglass panels used in garage doors, skylights and the gabled ends of the roof.

The fiberglass survived an unusually severe fire that was fed by quantities of paints and other materials within the building. Much of the paneling was salvaged and reused when the structure was rebuilt. A skylight that extended across the entire length of the roof originally, was hosed-off and put back on the new structure. Gobs of molten metal had dropped on the plastic and congealed without burning through. A garage door with the reinforced paneling had been raised during the fire. When lowered after control, ash, charcoal and semiburned articles dropped to the floor, none of which had damaged the still operable door.

The material employed in the doors and skylight acts as a barrier to retard flame spread. Special fire-retardant panels additionally incorporate a Hetron resin. These types have a flame spread rating of 40 to 75 and upon removal of the flame source will not, by themselves support combustion. They are approved by Factory Mutual and listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

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