The following statement made by La Patrie, of Montreal, Can., of the extinguishment of a fire in that city is interesting. The Associated Press dispatch says:

La Patrie started a story relating to the fire on Saturday, March 16, in which a relic sent, as stated by that paper, by Mgr. Bruchesi, was thrown into the flames which shortly after went out. It was the Sisterse of the Congregation nuns, however, who sent the relic.

The Sisters of the Congregation, 40 St. Jean Baptiste, saw the fire and retired to the little chapel to pray for the safety of the district. A relic of Ste. Amable,consisting of a ribbon the saint had worn, was hung upon the wall by the altar. Ste. Amable has for centuries been looked upon as the protectress in heaven against fire. When large districts had been menaced by a conflagration prayers have been said to Ste. Amable, and her assistance asked in staying the progress of the flames. With greater confidence, therefore, the Sister Superior took a small piece of the holy ribbon, which had been given tlie sisters by Mgr. Bruchosi, and giving It to a messenger, told him to deliver it to a fireman and have it thrown into the flames. The messenger took the relic and hurried on his mission, while the nuns continued to pray before the altar.

The relic was given to Captain Renaud, of No. 14 station, who with great reverence and confidence climbed to the top of a ladder, deposited it. in the flames raging in the top story of the Hudon Hebert & company’s building. The nuns told a reporter that, many fires had been stopped through prayers to Ste. Amable. They believed that on Saturday the flames were extinguished very easily after the relic was deposited in the burning building.

Captain Renaud said, when asked about the circumstances :

“Everybody has his own opinion In matters of this kind.”

“Do you believe the relic had any effect on the flames?”

“Yes, I think the fire went out almost immediately afterwards.”

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