Preliminary Report on Cincinnati Firefighter Death Cites Elevator Door Lock

A preliminary report was released on the line-of-duty death of Cincinnati (OH) Fire Apparatus Operator Daryl Gordon during a Madisonville apartment fire in March.

FOX 19 says the report concluded that an elevator door failed to automatically lock as designed. The report also found that a radio transmission warning firefighters the shaft was open failed to go out because of the volume of radio traffic.

Firefighters wrote a warning in black marker on the door, but Gordon wasn’t present for the discussion about it because he was searching for victims, the report said.

Gordon, 54, died at a hospital after falling head first into the elevator shaft while trying to rescue trapped adults and children. Three other firefighters were injured.


Download a PDF of the report from FirefighterNation HERE.

HT Mike Watier (mwatiker).



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