Report of Oregon Fire Marshal

Report of Oregon Fire Marshal

Those interested in reports of State Fire Marshals are urged to peruse the eighteenth annual report of A. H. Averill, State Fire Marshal of Oregon.

Mr. Averill states, “This report differs from the conventional type of former years in that the statistical fire loss data have been presented in a more analytical form.” The presentation of fire loss data is more in line with the segregations adopted by the National Board of Fire Underwriters so that losses in the state may easily be compared with losses in other states.

The report contains a five-year analysis of insured losses by counties. Each of the five years is listed separately and gives information on the number of claims, sound value, actual loss, amount of insurance, insurance paid, per cent loss to sound value, per capita loss, loss per $1,000 of value of all property exclusive of real, live stock, crops and intangibles. There is also a summary of fire losses by causes in each county. Other data of value are the annual reports of municipal fire prevention bureaus. It contains a section of the important fire marshal laws. The book contains a list of equipment received by Fire Departments in the state the past year. There is also the conventional list of deaths resulting from fire for 1933.

This 133-page report should prove of great interest and value to fire department officers.

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