Report on Cleveland Hospital Holocaust

Report on Cleveland Hospital Holocaust

For the benefit of members of the National Association of Police and Fire Surgeons and Medical Directors of Civil Service Commissions, a special report or memorandum is being prepared and based on information now being gathered by Dr. George P. O’Malley, Police Surgeon of Cleveland and president of the association. In a series of communications to Dr. Harry M. Archer, honorary medical officer of the New York Fire Department and former president of the association, Dr. O’Malley is supplying the secretary’s office in New York with information which is being compiled and which is bound to he of benefit to the medical men who specialize in police, fire and civil service problems.

The Cleveland Clinic disaster will be one of the subjects for discussion at the coming convention of the association, to be held in Detroit, Mich, next September. The association has been organized six years and its membership embraces the police, fire and civil service physicians of the principal cities of the country. It was founded by Dr. Hubley R. Owen, of the Dept, of Public Safety, Philadelphia, Pa.

The members of the association acquitted themselves splendidly last October when injured members of the Los Angeles Fire Department football team were cared for and treated at various stops en route from New York to the coast upon notification by telegraph from Dr. Archer when the train left Grand Central station. This service alone endeared the members of the association to the fire departments of the entire country.

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