Requirements of Jersey City Fire Department

Requirements of Jersey City Fire Department

Director of Public Safety Frank Hague, of Jersey City, N. J., is urging the city commission to immediately make an appropriation of $245,720, for needed improvements in the fire department. After an investigation of the department’s needs, Commissioner Hague states that its requirements are:

Site for truck company$ 2,000

Building for same 15,000

Motor ladder truck. 11,000

Salaries for 11 new men. 11,200

Equipment for same. 2,000

Building for new’ engine company 15,000

New automobile engine. 11,000

Salaries for 11 new men. 11,200

Equipment, including 2,000 feet

hose and suction hose. 4,077

New motor pumping engine. 10.000

Six battalion chiefs’ motor cars.. 4,200

Ten tractors for engines. 30,000

Six tractors for ladder trucks… 30,000

Twenty-five fire alarm boxes…. 3,125

Salaries for 20 additional men.. 26.000

Other equipment bringing total

up to . 245.720

The rapid growth of Jersey City makes this vast expenditure of money imperative. The many miles of water front and the ultra hazard condition of the buildings which line the river and upper hay call for better fire protection than has been afforded for many years past. The present fire-fighting force under the command of Chief Conway is an excellent one, but what does a force of efficient men amount to without the facilities with which to cope with any emergency. It is to be hoped that Jersey City can see its way to make this appropriation at once so as to place its fire department on the very best footing.

The company captains are: John Burke, John Segatee. Geo. Murdock. William F. Murray, John Harms, William Connell. John Costigan, John H. Jobes, Claire Birch, Rudolph Braun, John Patterson James Coleman, James Hanley. Cornelius O’Keeffe. Gustave Motzer, William Miller. Richard Green, Patrick H. Coney, Tlios. Burke. James Saxton, William H. Murray, Charles Tisdale, Fred. Peters, Robert Sloan.

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