Rescue Manikin Is Made From Old Hose, Coveralls

Rescue Manikin Is Made From Old Hose, Coveralls

Safe in arms of rescuer is a manikin made of old hose and coveralls.

Some discarded hose and coveralls can provide the makings for a manikin for search and rescue training, including removing a person down a ladder.

About 52 feet of 2½-inch hose is folded and tied with small diameter rope or straps (about 10 feet) to form the torso and legs. The arms, neck and head are formed with 30 feet of 1½-inch hose. Each extremity is made with a separate piece of hose so that tying them to the torso provides flexibility. We clothed our manikin with an old pair of coveralls, but discarded turnout gear will do as well. A ski mask and a pair of boots may be used if you wish.

Double-jacket, cotton, rubber-lined hose will make a manikin, such as ours, that weighs 76 pounds. If you want a lighter manikin, use single-jacket, polyester hose.

Manikin skeleton consists of lengths of 2½ and 1½-inch hose tied together.Dressed for rescue, manikin wears formal attire of coverals, boots and ski mask.

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