Rescue Truck For Fitchburg Firemen

Rescue Truck For Fitchburg Firemen

Firemen of Fitchburg, Mass., have a useful rescue truck. Not having sufficient funds to purchase a truck, they decided to build one themselves. A standard chassis of a Chevrolet l1/2-ton truck was used, with dual wheels in the rear. The radiator is standard heavy duty; a Vel Vac Booster is attached to the hydraulic brakes; the gear ratio is 6.7 to one for hill climbing, this gives the necessary power to climb the steepest hills and permits the truck to travel at the rate of 45 miles an hour with ease.

The front of the car has four flashing red lights. Above the driver’s seat is a compartment for electric parking lights, which are of the still or flasher type. There is also a spot light.

The top sides of the car are onesixteenth of an inch thick boiler plate. There is an adjustable ventilator on each side.

On the right side are located a pike pole and a Hume door opener. Below in the compartments starting from the front, are: first compartment, Freshway Air Masks; second compartment, light cables; third compartment, gas masks.

Under these first three compartments arc two compartments containing an H. & H. inhalator, hot pads, blankets, and salvage covers.

The fourth compartment contains first aid equipment, as three different sizes of bandages, 3-inch compressor pads, J. & T. Steripads, 3-inch self adhering bandages, four different sizes of iodine swabs, ammonia inhalents, tongue depressors for finger splints, tourniquets, scissors, spoon, eye dropper, and a few medical instruments. One drawer contains many bottles of standard medical preparations.

To the left of the first aid compartment is an extra tank of oxygen for the inhalator. Below, in a small compartment, is a portable first aid and a portable tannic acid spray set.

The left side of the car, front to rear, carries in the first compartment 3 100foot light cables, two 25-foot cables, one six-foot cable, one junction box. All cables are mounted on specially made reels, so that no time is lost getting the wires untangled; second compartment contains grappling irons; third compartment, a power saw for cutting through wood floors, etc.

Under the first three compartments are two compartments containing two shovels, two sledge hammers, two axes and one extra large oxygen tank; fourth compartment contains two smoke masks; fifth compartment, an electric drill. Below that is a compartment for gas for the portable motor generator, and an elevator jack and wedges. On top of the compartments is a folding ladder.

Looking toward the front of the interior are the portable floodlights and motor generator, which are rigidly clamped into position. The motor generator will operate the saw or drill.

Above the portable floodlights, is a compartment for three wool blankets and a pillow. Below the lights is a compartment for 100 feet of air hose for gas masks. An acetylene torch is located under the floor in a rear compartment.

The left side of the interior has two stretcher brackets under the seat; also 100 feet of life line, 100 feet of 1/2-inch rop, 100 feet of 1/4-inch rope, and two litters.

Above the seats on each side are folded stretchers, so arranged that they can be set up in place in a few seconds. A small cabinet is built into the wall above the stretchers for towels, inhalents, and other useful things that are required.

On the right side of the interior there is space under the seat, and in a special compartment, there are four angle iron braces for the stretchers and one litter. The interior is well lighted by three lights in the ceiling.

The Fitchburg Fire Department, through the efforts of Chief Shea, is fortunate in having a well equipped machine shop, including a large lathe that was purchased for junk price. Many of the firemen are expert mechanics and were able to repair the lathe and put it in first class condition. It has more than paid for itself since.

Fitchburg Rescue Car, and Some of the Equipment Carried

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