RescueSim Interfacing with VBS2 for Civil-Military and Antiterrorism Training

During a training session organized by the Safety Region Rotterdam Rijnmond and  VSTEP, RescueSim’s new HLA compliancy and VBS2 interoperability was put into operation, showcasing civil-military and antiterrorism training possibilities. The pilot session focused on a hijack scenario, in which the participants of the Dutch military and civil emergency services were to identify threats and cope with terrorists on board a ship.

RescueSim is a virtual incident management simulator created by simulator developer VSTEP and is being used worldwide by governments and emergency services to train incidents in a safe 3D virtual environment. Following the growing demand from its customer base for professional military and antiterrorism training, VSTEP enhanced RescueSim with the HLA interface, allowing interoperability with other HLA compliant simulators for joint and integrated exercises.

Pjotr van Schothorst, Director VSTEP:  “The new VBS2 interoperability of RescueSim further enhances the scope and possibilities of virtual incident training. With the addition of antiterrorist and military training, the simulator opens up a wide array of options for our customers, allowing realistic antiterrorist, hijack and active shooter training within the simulator.”

Using the intuitive instructor toolbox of RescueSim, any thinkable incident scenario can be created for single user or simultaneous multi-user training in a 3D virtual environment of choice. Combining the strengths of RescueSim and VBS2 enables joint civil-military and antiterrorism training. In this particular pilot session interfacing with VBS2, a ship hijack situation was simulated, as training participants took part in intervention teams carefully sweeping the ship for hostages, coping with hostiles encountered on the way. This new enhancement for RescueSim was developed by VSTEP as part of the SBIR innovation program by the Dutch government.

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