Residence Requirement Upheld In California

Residence Requirement Upheld In California

The right of a city to require its civil service employees to reside within its limits was upheld in August by the California State District Court of Appeals. The decision was returned in denying the appeal of six firemen and two policemen from a Superior Court judgment which declined intervention in an Emeryville, Calif., case.

The eight men had been fired after the Emeryville City Council required they move within the city limits by January 1, 1959. All other city civil service employees complied with the order, the appelate court noted.

The eight argued in their appeal that cities empowered to set up civil service systems are not automatically given the authority to require employees to maintain residence within their boundaries. The court noted that in the case of firemen and law enforcement officers, their availability for emergency summons was an important factor.

Roi B. Woolley

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