Resolutions of Respect on the Late Chief Yates

Resolutions of Respect on the Late Chief Yates

At a recent meeting of the board of representatives of the Schenectady, N. Y., fire department, the following resolutions of regret and respect were unanimously adopted, on the death of Chief Henry R. Yates, who passed away on August 31 last:

Whereas, the heavy hand of bereavement has taken from our midst Henry R. Yates, chief engineer of the Schenectady fire department; and Whereas, his loss to this department, city, state and nation is also a loss to the cause of fire protection in general; and

Whereas, his exceptional initiative, energy and resourcefulness have won for him an enduring name in the fire service of this country; and Whereas, his unselfish devotion to duty has made the city of Schenectady forever his debtor in the safety of the lives and property of its citizens; and …

Whereas, his personal influence and discipline have developed in our fire department a high grade manual force both permanent and volunteer: therefore be it

Resolved, that, while we mourn his death, we sorrowfully accept this sore visitation of an over-ruling and inscrutable Providence, in full faith that the spirit of his influenecee will enable us to carry on successfully the work he so well established and to ever maintain the high standard of efficiency he has bequeathed to us.

Resolved, that we, the Board of Representatives of the fire department of the city of Schenectady, hereby attest our high appreciation of his constant good-will and friendly co-operation in advancing the best interests of the volunteer firemen, so that, both by precept and example, he welded together all branches of the department into a trained body of unusual efficiency.

Resolved, that we extend to his family this our heartfelt expression of sympathy in their afflication.

Resolved, that this Board attend his funeral in a body; that our charter be draped in mourning for a period of thirty days and that a page in our minutes be set aside for a tribute to his memory.





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