Resolutions Passed At ISFSI Meeting

Resolutions Passed At ISFSI Meeting

Meeting in conjunction with the Fire Department Instructors Conference held recently in Memphis, the International Society of Fire Service Instructors passed resolutions on self-extinguishing cigarettes and safe rope practices and adopted a position statement concerning the United States Fire Administration.

A Connecticut bill requiring all cigarettes sold in the state to be self-extinghishing was endorsed. The society had passed a resolution in 1980 in support of similar national legislation.

The rope resolution was prompted by an increasing number of accidents involving manila fiber rope and inadequate knowledge or rope use. It states, in part, “All persons utilizing rope for the movement of people will demonstrate the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical application techniques in the use of such ropes and ancillary equipment to the satisfaction of the jurisdiction having authority. This will be done prior to performing those functions involved as a rope technician.”

Other points in the resolution call for people-moving rope to meet or exceed proposed NIOSH standards and for double rope systems (one working rope and one safety rope) during training operations.

Looking at the shambles of the USFA, the society urged an immediate restoration of the visibility and funding of the National Fire Academy to $8 million to carry out the congressional mandate establishing the academy. Also requested was an additional continued federal fire focus within FEMA including not less than 35 full-time employees plus maintaining a fire service representative in each of 10 FEMA regions.

Priorities for that federal fire focus, as determined by the ISFSI Board of Directors, were public education, residential detection and sprinkler systems, improved fire fighter safety, development of statistics, reduction of arson and improved personnel management for the fire service.

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