Information on juvenile firesetting programs is available from many sources. The following list includes only a few of the many resources available.

Bergen County Juvenile Fire Prevention Program, Inc.

383 Hillsdale Avenue Hillsdale, NJ 07642 Anthony J. Maviglia Fire Service Coordinator (201) 666-5907

Mid-Bergen Mental Health Services Margo Boylan (201) 265-8200

BurnConcerns, Inc.

7700 Via Napoli Burbank, CA 91504 Patricia Mieszala (818) 767-6782

Juvenile Justice Clearing House Trisha

(1-800) 638-8736

(Volumes 1-4 training materials for use by local fire departments, as described in sidebar)

National Fire Protection Association 1 Batterymarch Park Quincy, MA 02269-9101 (617) 770-3000

(Learn Not to Burn resource books, grades K-3)

National Fire Service Support Systems, Inc.

919 Westfall Road, Suite C-202 Rochester, NY 14618 Paul Schwartzman (716) 264-0840

(Fireproof Children Handbook and Education Kit)

U.S. Fire Administration Office of Fire Prevention and Control 16825 South Seton Avenue Emmitsburg, MD 21727-8998 (301) 447-1018

(“Curious KIDS Set Fires” kit; Handbooks for ages 0-7, 7-13, 14-18)




The following are among the materials and organizations that can help your department develop a comprehensive, multifaceted residential sprinkler program.

American Fire Sprinkler Association, Inc.

11325 Pegasus Suite S-220 Dallas, TX 75238 (214) 349-5965 Fax: (214) 343-8898 “Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems … A Way of Life,” technical assistance.

Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board of Southern California

18000 Studebaker Road, Suite 310 Cerritos, CA 90701 (800) 338-2188, (213) 860-1999 Literature including brochure “Reflection on Protection” for residential and commercial audiences.

“Strategies for Fire Sprinkler Ordinance Adoption,” a six-level training program for inspectors/students covering the following topics: Introduction of Fire Sprinklers, Underground Piping and Water Supply, Commercial Sprinkler Systems, Residential Sprinkler Systems, Special Advanced Systems, Sprinkler Plan Review, and Suppression Company inspections designed for fire/building inspectors.

institute for Local Self Government

League of California Cities 1400 K Street Sacramento, C,A 95814 (916) 444-5790

“Fire Sprinklers. How You Can Save Lives and Property” kit and position paper and other materials.

National Fire Protection Association

One Batterymarch Park Quincy, MA 02269-9101 (617) 770-3000 Technical assistance.

National Fire Sprinkler Association, Inc.

Robin Hill Corporate Park Route 22, P.O. Box 1000 Patterson, NY 12563 (914) 878-4200 Fax: (914) 878-4215

“Ix>ok Up for Safety” (when entering a building) consumer promotional campaign, which kicked off October 7, is underway. Celebrities such as Arnold Palmer, Shirley Jones, and Notre Dame Basketball Coach Richard “Digger” Phelps are participating.

Literature includes F.Y.I. series of booklets including “Residential and Quick Response Sprinklers” and “Homeowner’s Guide to Fire Sprinkler Systems”; “Fire Sprinkler Facts” and “Fire Safety in High-Rise Buildings”; “Look Up for Safety” action caps and stickers; “Fire Sprinklers Save Lives” bumper strips; technical assistance.

National Volunteer Fire Council

Resource Center P.O. Box 25215 Alexandria, VA 22313-5215 Sample news release and fact sheets for builders/developers and realtors.

Operation Life Safety

International Association of Fire Chiefs 1329 18th St., N.W.

Washington, DC 20036 (202) 833-4320 Fax: (202) 452-0684

Materials to help create a sprinkler program include newsletters with success stories, model codes and ordinances, sprinkler information, and lobbying ideas. Booklet “Solving Your Community Fire Problem: An Outline for Success,” technical assistance.

U.S. Fire Administration

FEMA/National Emergency Training Center

16825 S. Sexton Avenue Emmitsburg, MD 21727 (301) 447-6771

“An Ounce of Prevention” (publi-cation no. FA-76), “Home Fire Protection: Quick Response Sprinkler Systems” (publication no. FA-43), technical assistance.

Videotape: “Less Than Five Minutes”—a 10-minute presentation contrasting a staged free burn with a staged burn controlled by sprinklers.

Contact: William H. Weigle

Egremont Volunteer Fire-


R.F.D. 3, Box 115AA

Great Barrington, MA


(413) 528-1625

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