Response to Outside Alarms

Response to Outside Alarms

There is very acute feeling between the municipalities of Grand View, just outside of Nyack, N. Y., and Nyack, concerning the matter of response of the fire department to the former place. While there is not a written agreement between the two places. Nyack had supplied fire protection to that place in appreciation for the trading done in Nyack by Grand View which is a residential district. Grand View depended for years upon Nyack for fire protection and did not reimburse the taxpayers there for the wear and tear of the apparatus and equipment belonging to the Nyack fire department.

This unofficial arrangement which was in operation for many years was suddenly broken when it was claimed that an official of Grand View insulted officers of the Nyack fire department upon the occasion of a recent call. As a retaliatory move, Nyack firemen refused to answer calls from the village.

As a result of the new plan, one of the homes in Grand View was destroyed with a loss of $9,000, and according to one of the local insurance men, there is a probability that the insurance rates in the village will be doubled.

Fire was discovered in the second floor of the stated residence by some of the guests of a party in a home nearby. The women rushed to the burning building and assisted in carrying out some of the furnishings of the lower floors. It was impossible to reach the second floor because of the intense heat of the flames. Calls for fire companies were sent to Nyack and Piermont but the Nyack firemen refused to respond. It is felt that if the Nyack companies had responded, the flames would have been checked with very little loss. The Piermont company was hampered by the lack of equipment.

The owner of the home when he arrived from business was overcome at the loss and stated that he would make a complete investigation in the matter of the assistance that was refused by Nyack.

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