Ringer Smoke Ejector Now on Market

Ringer Smoke Ejector Now on Market

The smoke ejector designed by Chief Charles W. Ringer of Minneapolis, Minn., and exhibited at the Winnipeg convention of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, is now being marketed by the Peter Pirsch & Sons Company, of Kenosha, Wis.

The machine has been doing regular service for several years in Minneapolis and Chief Ringer states that he does not see how he ever got along without it. The smoke ejector in use in Minneapolis has a heavy Sturtevant fan of the multivane design direct driven by a Model A Ford engine governed at 1250 r.p.m. It is equipped with four 14 x 10-inch flexible steel suction tubes with several door and window covers made of heavy wire netting and asbestos cloth and provided with an opening to receive the flexible tube.

In operation the smoke extractor is placed at the most accessible side of the building, the intake tube inserted and tbe fan started in operation. The men then enter from the other side and get at the source of the fire. The machine is even of greater value when poisonous fumes are present. In addition to freeing a building from large amounts of smoke and gas, the ejector creates a downward draft and simplifies some of the problems in fighting fires.

The Ringer Smoke Ejector Operating at a Fire

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