Robert Gardner, Lowell W. W. Head, Dies

Robert Gardner, Lowell W. W. Head, Dies

Robert Gardner, for several years superintendent of the Lowell, Mass., water department, died at his home in that city on December 17, at the age of seventy years. Mr. Gardner had been ill for the past few months, and while his illness during the greater part of this period was not considered of a serious nature his condition in the past few days was such as to make his illness one of much concern to the family and his wide circle of friends.

Mr. Gardner came to this country when he was fourteen years of age. He began work with the water department on August 23, 1883, and thus has served continuously for over forty years. He started as a tool sharpener, but he remained at this line of work for only a few months and gradually worked out into other branches of the department, becoming acquainted with all its lines, particularly meter work. For eighteen years, prior to’1906, he inspected meters in all sections of the city, and in that year was raised to the position of assistant superintendent, holding the same until 1919, when he was chosen superintendent, when Robert J. Thomas resigned.

Mr. Gardner was a member of the New England Water Works Association.

Expect Decision on Richmond, Ind., Rate Schedule Soon— It is expected that the city of Richmond, Ind., and the Richmond City Water Works will confer on a water rate schedule in the near future. The new schedule will probably be constructed to substantially conform to figures presented by the water works at the recent hearing before the public service commission. These tables listed estimated operating expenses at $192,724.17 an increase of $45,949.95 over the year of 1923. Projected figures prepared by the company show that a gross income of $84,336.23 will amount to 6.4 per cent on a valuation of $1,315,000, the figure placed on the company’s property by the commission recently. According to Superintendent Howard A. Dill of the company an effort will be made to get the new rates approved as soon as possible so that they may be placed in effect February 1. It is necessary to advertise them thirty days before they can become effective.

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