Robert H. Lockwood Passes Away

Robert H. Lockwood Passes Away

The Late Robert H. Lockwood

It is with deep regret we announce the death of Roliert Havell Lockwood, Associate Editor of FIRE ENGINEERING, who succumbed to an abdominal operation at St. Agnes Hospital, White Plains. N. Y., on August 9.

For twenty-two years, Mr. Lockwood was identified with this journal, first as Editor of FIRE and WATER ENGINEERING, then as Editor of FIRE ENGINEERING, its successor, and finally as Associate Editor of the latter publication.

He was born in 1868 at Ossining, N. Y., a son of the late General Munson I. Lockwood, one time head of a military academy in White Plains, and of the late Amelia J. Havell Lockwood. His grandfather, the late Robert Havell, was engraver of bird illustrations for Audubon.

Mr. Lockwood was early identified with the Lockwood Press, a publishing house operated by his brother. Later he was with Munsey interests, which published newspapers and national magazines.

Leaving Munsey, he joined the staff of FIRE and WATER ENGINEERING as Editor, and held this post until 1926, when this journal was separated into two publications, WATER WORKS ENGINEERING and FIRE ENGINEERING. Thereupon he became Editor of both journals, holding that position on FIRE ENGINEERING until January, 1932, when he was made Associate Editor, and continuing as Editor of WATER WORKS ENGINEERING until October, 1934, when he became Associate Editor. He continued in this position up to August 4, when he left for vacation and to undergo what he believed to be a minor operation.

The operation was performed on August 8, but he failed to rally from it, and passed away in the morning of the 9th.

A true gentleman, kindly in spirit and unswervingly loyal to those he served, Mr. Lockwood made a host of friends among associates and others with whom he came into contact. His passing leaves a gap that will be hard to fill.

He was a life member of the Veterans of the Seventh Regiment, N. G. of N. Y., and of the New York Typographical Union.

Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Kate Lockwood, and a daughter, Mrs. Jessie L. Wilson of Norwalk, Conn.

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