Rockland County First Aid Council Elects Officers

Rockland County First Aid Council Elects Officers

At the fourth annual meeting of the Rockland County Emergency and First Aid Council, held in the quarters of Moscarella Rost No. 199, American Legion, Spring Valley, N. Y., on May 29, officers were elected for the coming year.

The new President is Dean B. Seifried, of New City, N. Y., Engineer of the Rockland Gas Company and a Red Cross instructor. The Vice-President is George W. Wallace, Jr., of Spring Valley, County Civilian Protection Director and originator of the “Legion Brigade” idea. William Paul Babcock was reelected Secretary. Miss Eunice Riedyk of the Nyack Community Ambulance Corps was named Financial Secretary and William Charters of Nyack, recently Captain of the Nyack Fire Patrol, and a Red Cross instructor, T reasurer.

After the election, Secretary Babcock, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors and delegates, presented a car heater to the retiring President, ExChief C. Ray Ackerman of Nyack, who has held that office since the beginning of the organization, and who has been forced to relinquish this post owing to the pressure of his new duties as general First Aid Director for the County War Council, and in particular, for the Nyack Chapter of the American Red Cross.

The Council is revising its by-laws to enlist women as well as men, and individual first aiders as well as squads. Its monthly journal will continue to be issued under the name “The Blanket.”

When tire and fuel supplies are better, the Council will move toward formation of a statewide council.

Secretary Babcock Presents Car Heater to Retiring President Ackerman Left to right are the newly elected President, Dean B. Seifried, retiring President C. Ray Ackerman, Secretary William Paul Babcock and Vice-President George W. Wallace. Jr.

Photo by “Journal-News”

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