Ropes for Firemen.

Ropes for Firemen.

The fire commissioners of Boston have ordered that all men who perform ladder service, and hosemen of companies doing roof duty, shall be equipped with an inch and oneeighth Italian hemp, three strand rope 100 feet long, with a 2,000 pound breakage.

This rope will weigh about eight to ten pounds, and will be worn on the back of each man when performing roof duty at a fire.

The uses to which the rope may be put are many, its textile strength being over twice that of the ordinary hemp rope.

At one end of it is a large snap hook, so that it can be fastened in the building should the firemen find it necessary to escape by the windows, or to slide down the roof in case of being cut off by the fire from a safer and more convenient mode of exit.

The following bids were opened by J. I). Cook, engineer, Toledo, O., for 12,500 lineal feet cast iron pipe and special castings, valves, etc., a boiler plant and on .bridge with stone abutments: Dennis Long & Co., $39 per ton specials; Massillon Bridge Co., $13.25 a foot for 100 feet span; Babcock & Co., boilers, 650 H. 1’., $17,629, Hopper feed water purifier and foundations; Sterling & Co., boilers, 650 II. $8,971, Hopper feed water purifier and foundations; National Tube & Boiler Co., boilers, 650 H. I>, $11,281, Hopper feed water purifier and foundations; Michigan Brass & Iron Co., valves 24-inch, 8150; Ludlow Valve Co., valves 24-inch, $164; Eddy Valve Co., valves 24-inch, $170; Rensselaer Valve Co., valves 24-inch, $146.

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