Rosenbauer Delivers Bomb Units to Virginia, Maryland, and D.C.

The Arlington County (VA) Fire Department on Behalf of The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) recently took delivery of the bomb squad vehicles that were ordered last year from Rosenbauer.
The bomb units were purchased under a Federal UASI ( Urban Area Security Initiative) Grant to the Washington Metropolitan area, “MetroTech” bomb teams. The six departments that received units are  the Arlington County Fire Dept. (VA), Prince George’s County Fire Dept. (MD), Montgomery County Fire Dept (MD), Metro Transit Police (DC), Loudoun County (VA), and Virginia State Police (VA).
The units were a joint effort by the team members to replace outdated and undersized units and to provide a uniformed “platform” for teams operating in Metropolitan Washington DC and surrounding areas.
The 3/16” formed aluminum Rosenbauer body measures 27’ in length and is mounted on a Spartan Metro Star ER chassis. An interior command center is located in the forward area of the body and houses an elaborate array of audio/visual equipment along with a desk, chair and storage provisions. Ramps allow for a remote-controlled robot and equipment carts stored in the body to be deployed from either side. Spanning the length of the body on each side is an electric awning that offers protection during inclement weather or on hot days.

A 20 kW diesel generator supplies electrical power to a 6,000-watt light tower, two electrical reels and multiple outlets located throughout the vehicle. A camera is mounted on a 25’ telescoping mast that is located behind the cab. More than 20 LED warning lights are installed on each vehicle. Additional storage is available in the rooftop compartments which are reached via an access ladder located on the rear of the truck.

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