Roswell Has Attractive Station

Roswell Has Attractive Station

An attractive fire house is in use in Roswell, N. M., designed by Chief Rue Chrisman of the Fire Department.

The station is sixty-six by fifteen feet and is sectioned off, as indicated in the plan, for an apparatus room, store room, recreation room, six bed rooms, two officers’ rooms, toilet and a small jail. The recreation room is back of the apparatus room.

The apparatus room is thirty by thirty-eight feet and has ample space for three pieces of apparatus. On each side of the apparatus room are the bed rooms and officers’ quarters.

Each bed room measures ten by ten feet and is provided with a large closet. The recreation room is 18 1/2 by thirty feet and is fitted with a large fireplace at the rear.

All alarms are received by telephone. There are four four-inch bells located in the apparatus room and connected to the fire telephone. There are also lights in the room. The bells and lights are controlled by separate switches.

Floor Plan of StationExterior of Fire House Erected in Roswell, N. M.

Johnson Creek, Wis., Buys Apparatus—Fire apparatus to be used in fighting rural fires, and costing $3,600, has been delivered to Johnson Creek, Wis.

Wisconsin Buys Forest Protection Apparatus—Wisconsin has purchased ten one and one-half ton Chevrolet trucks to add to its fleet of cars for forest fire protection. F’ive of the trucks were delivered to Rhinelander. The equipment consists of one 250-gallon tank, one light power pump, two thresher pumps, 1,500 feet of hose, twenty round point shovels, eight 5-gallon back packed tanks, one cross cut saw, three lanterns, and other tools. The trucks delivered ^re part of an order for twenty-four machines placed by the state.

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