Roxbury, Mass., Has Two 3-Alarm Fires

Roxbury, Mass., Has Two 3-Alarm Fires

Destruction of St. Therese's Hall, West Roxbury, Mass.

St. Therese’s Hall, an old frame church edifice on Spring Street, in the West Roxbury section of Boston, Mass., was destroyed in a very spectacular blaze, which broke out at 4 a.m. on February 4 and necessitated the sounding of three alarms. Chief Henry A. Fox and Deputy Chief Frank Sweeney directed the firemen.

A wagon gun of Engine No. 21 was used to form a water curtain and prevent the spread of the flames to an adjoining frame residence. Falling snow minimized the danger from embers and sparks, which were carried for some distance by the strong wind that was blowing. Several firemen had narrow escapes from injury when the roof and cornices of the building crashed to the street.

The first alarm was sounded at 4:02 a.m., followed by a second alarm at 4:09, and a third at 4:30. The all out signal was sounded at 7:25. The loss was estimated at $20,000.

On February 6 an alarm was sounded for a fire in the Roxbury district, at 1:50 a.m., followed by a second at 1:54 and a third alarm at 1:56. This fire swept through an old brick tenement building at Nos. 4-8 Kendall Street and the occupants had narrow escapes from death. The temperature was only slightly above zero and ladders became encased with ice. Two fire-fighters were injured.

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