Rubber Tires at the Automobile Show.

Rubber Tires at the Automobile Show.

The display of tires at the automobile show in the Gnad Central Palace this week is unusually attractive and forms an important part of the exhibition. There are more than two dozen manufacturers represented and the class of goods shown embraces all that is new and up-to-date in this special line.

Messrs. Morgan & Wright, of Detroit, show a new, heavy flat-tread tire, in addition to a number of their standard types. They also show their universal, quick-detachable rim and an improved electric tire.

The Diamond Rubber company, of Akron, Ohio, has a fine display of Diamond quickdetachable tires, those of the mechanically fastened, or Fisk pattern. The display of the Marsh quick-acting rim, Diamond demountable-rim, solid tires for trucks and highwheeled automobiles complete a very large and interesting exhibit.

The Firestone Tire and Rubber company, of Akron, Ohio, shows samples of its wellknown side-wire, solid rubber tires. The company claims that these tires increase the efficiency of fire apparatus and automobiles, and that their general use stamps them as the leading tires for all heavy motors.

The Firestone Demountable Rim.—This rim may be used in connection with clincher or quick detachable tires and consists of three parts; channel rim, locking ring, and demountable portion containing the tire. It has no narrow wedge shapes and no sharp angles, so that its parts cannot rust together and make the rim difficult to manipulate. This is the same equipment as was used in connection with Firestone tires by the Locomobile in winning the Fairmount Park race at Philadelphia October 10. The Firestone Non-Skid.— An all-rubber, non-skid tread formed by the raised oblique lettering “Firestone Non-Skid” arranged in rows across the tread-surface of the tire. It is claimed to outclass any other non-skid in the number and variety of angles, edges and points of road contact, thus securing better anti-skid properties, and longlived effectiveness. At the F’irestone booth is a waxed plank on which this tire has been run showing in a unique fashion the multiplicity of road contact points. This exhibit includes the complete Firestone line of automobile and motor truck tires.

The Swinehart Clincher Tire and Rubber company, of Akron, Ohio, has on exhibition a new rim-attachment utilised as a spare tire. This makes it possible to attach the Swinehart tires mounted on clincher-rims to any wheel without altering the original rim equipment. By attaching tires in this manner the same height of wheel is maintained as by the lire it replaces, so that a Swinehart cushiontire can be used in connection with three pneumatics without changing the level of the car.

In addition to these, the Goodrich company, the Goodyear company and other wellknowft manufacturers of rubber tires make very attractive exhibits.

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