Following are the complete set of rules and regulations issued by Chief P. D. McCartin, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and approved by Commissioner of Public Safety D. G. Johnson, governing the fire department under the two-platoon system which went into effect recently:

  1. The Department shall be divided into two shifts—one to perform service days, and the other, nights. The entire force to be commanded by the Chief of the Fire Department.
  2. The Chief and Assistant Chief shall not be included as working under the two-platoon system.
  3. Each shift of a Company shall be governed by a Captain, and shall consist of as many men as the Commissioner deems necessary.
  4. During the temporary absence of any officer, the Chief may appoint any fireman to fill the vacancy, and during such time he shall have full authority as such officer, but shall not receive additional pay.
  5. The term “member” when used in these Rules includes all the officers and men of the Department.
  6. Captains shall have full charge of companies located in their districts. Captain of night shift will report to Captain of day shift, and Captain of day shift will report to Captain of night shift, and Captain of day shift will report to the Chief.
  7. Captains must make notes of all tardiness or failure to report for duty, members off duty on account of sickness or injury, violations of rules, etc., on their daily reports, and other forms provided, and shall keep a record of same in Company Journal. All reports must be written with ink. They must also report same by phone as soon as possible, to the Chief or his Assistant.
  8. Members desiring a lay-off must request it the preceding shift, and all such matters must come through the Captain to a superior officer.
  9. Every member of the Department shall devote his whole time to the business of the Department, and is expressly prohibited from being engaged in, employed in, or giving his personal attention to any other business. Manual labor or other exertion, on off-shift, of such nature as to render members fatigued or in any way unfit for dty, is strictly prohibited.
  10. Any member guilty of intoxication during his on-shift, or any member reporting for work even slightly under the influence of intoxicants. shall be dismissed from the service. And any member who shall absent himself on account of drink, shall be dismissed.
  11. Shifts shall be changed promptly at 8.00 a. m. and 6.00 p. m. The oncoming Captain shall call the roll immediately, noting any tardiness, and in case of a member being absent, the Captain of the off-going shift shall designate a member to fill in. until other arrangements are made.
  12. Time worked shall be computed on a 12-hour basis, on all members except the Chief and Assistant Chief.
  13. All meals, except those eaten before coming on shift or after going off shift, shall be eaten in the quarters.
  14. No leave of absence from the quarters shall be granted (except in extreme cases), by a Captain.
  15. Members of the off-shift are positively forbidden to congregate at any of the stations, or to make anv of the stations a loafing place, or to appear for change of shift earlier than 30 minutes prior to that time; and must leave the station promptly on being relieved (severe storms excepted).
  16. During windy weather when, in the judgment of the Chief, conditions warrant it, a certain number of men on their off-shift will be held for duty, for which no extra compensation will be allowed.
  17. Members shall wear the uniform of the Department, or any part thereof, only while on duty or going to or from duty, and one hour shall be deemed sufficient time to effect the change.
  18. Members shall not wear the uniform or any part thereof to gain admission to any place where a charge is made for admission, and no member shall be considered as doing fire duty at such place unless they have been detailed by the Chief and are in the uniform of the Department.
  19. Members shall not smoke while in uniform, on the streets, street cars or other public conveyance.
  20. Members of the night shift may retire at 9.30 p. m., but must retire not later than 10 p. m., and lights out not later than 10.15 p. m. (except the watch).
  21. The uniforms shall be the same style as now worn, and members must provide themselves with new uniforms or parts thereof within 30 days from receiving such notice from the Chief, and all uniforms are subject to inspection by the Chief before acceptance. No wearing apparel of any kind will be furnished by the City except helmets.
  22. Members of the off-shift shall report to their respective companies in case of a call for help, but this rule is not to be construed to prohibit any member from assisting his comrades at any fire in his vicinity.
  23. The Captain in command of the onshift shall be the senior, unless a division is ordered by the officer in command at the fire.
  24. Members of a company may be transferred to another, or from one shift to another by order of the Chief.
  25. All members shall wear their helmets while in actual fire service.
  26. Sleeping or lounging on the beds, except as the rules prescribe, is prohibited.
  27. Members shall pay all just debts against them, and evidence of a refusal to pay, especially for the necessities of life, shall be cause for dismissal.
  28. In case of a night fire, the Captain shall have the hose racked for drying and, if after 4 a. m., the company shall proceed with the cleaning of the quarters and apparatus.
  29. Should a fire occur or be in progress at the time of changing shifts, the off-shift members of the company shall immediately repair to the scene, relieving the opposite shift, should their presence not be required.
  30. In the ordinary routine no work shall be left undone that can be performed by the off-going shift, provided that the men be allowed 30 minutes to wash and dress when possible, without interfering with their readiness to serve the company.
  31. On returning from a fire the Captain, unless his apparatus be disabled, shall immediately report for service and shall, without any delay, proceed to rearrange any part that has been used.
  32. Should the return to quarters occur near shift-change, no time shall be allowed to wash or dress. Readiness to serve shall be the slogan of this department.
  33. The driver of teams and motor apparatus shall be held responsible and must not drive faster than is consistent with the safety of the public, men and apparatus.
  34. Members shall notify headquarters of any change in residence or phone number, at once.
  35. No member will be allowed to live outside the city limits.

  36. The telephones located at the various Department stations must not be used for private purposes.
  37. Telephones must be placed in the residences of each member of the Department, and each member shall be notified in case of a second, third or general alarm, when each member off duty must report to his respective company. Failure to comply with this rule shall subject the delinquent member to discharge from the Department.
  38. The changing of shifts in the ordinary routine shall be as follows: The test shall be sent in the usual manner and after it is received the off-shift may leave, but no member of a company shall leave until such signal is given, or in case of trouble, its equivalent.
  39. The motor apparatus of the Department shall be under the direct control of the Department mechanic, and his orders or directions shall be strictly adhered to in regard to the care of the apparatus.
  40. Shifts shall be changed on the first day of each month, in the following manner:
  41. The night shift shall work from 6 p. m. the last day of the month until 12.00 noon the following day; the other shift shall then relieve them, working until 8.00 a. m. the following day, thus completing the change.
  42. In case a Captain shall suspend a man for intoxication, he shall report the same by phone to the Chief, and the suspended member shall remain at the station until the arrival of the Chief, should the delay not exceed one hour.
  43. Members shall appear for work in full uniform, and shall leave the station the same at shift-change;
  44. Members are strictly prohibited from going about quarters in their undershirts. Either a shirt or blouse jumper must be worn while doing their work about quarters

  45. From October 1 until May 1, the members may change to night clothes at 7.00 p. m;
  46. From May 1 until October 1, the men shall remain in uniform until 9.00 p. m., unless engaged in other work.

  47. All meals hours and days off are hereby discontinued.
  48. Religious or political opinions will not affect the interests of the members of the Department. The discussion of same in Department stations is forbidden.
  49. Persons not connected with the Department must not be permitted to ride on apparatus while going to or returning from a fire.
  50. After returning from a fire, apparatus must be cleaned as soon as possible. Hose that has been in use at fire must be changed and thoroughly cleaned. All apparatus belonging to the Department must be kept in perfectly good order.
  51. Loitering around any of the premises by persons who are not members of the Department must not be permitted. Men on watch, or officers in charge of houses who allow same shall be held responsible for the violation of this rule. The foregoing will not be construed to prohibit visitors at stations, who must be shown every courtesy but must not loiter or congregate there. Visitors at engine houses will not be permitted after 9.00 p. m. without permission of the Chief.
  52. No extra compensation will be allowed firemen for overtime.
  53. Members will under no circumstances be allowed to leave the city on their days or nights off without permission from the Chief.
  54. Each member of the Department will be required to do four hours inspection work per week, during their off-shift, for which no additional pay will be allowed. Members will also be required to take turns doing fire duty at theaters on off-shift
  55. Penalties for being late: First offense, to be fined one day’s pay; second offense, to be fined three days’ pay; the money from said fines to be placed in the Relief and Pension fund; A member who is late three times within thirty days will be subject to dismissal.
  56. Any officer failing to report immediately any violation of these rules to the Chief shall hold himself liable to dismissal from the service.
Chief Engineer P. D. McCartin, Colorado Springs, Colo.

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