At least $5 per annum must be paid for each family supplied, who will be allowed 3,600 cubic feet of water, any excess to be rated at fourteen cents per 100 cubic feet. The minimum charge for any service is $5 per annum.

MONTHLY METER RATES. (In cubic feet)

Water used on the following named services must be metered: Saloons, restaurants, drug stores, bakeries, dental offices,with fountain jet photograph galleries, printing offices, laundries, breweries, soda water manufacturers, etc., factories foundries, fountains, livery or horse car stables,steam engines, motors, green-houses.


Dwellings—For faucet use only for each family, $5. The

charge for each family to remain the same whether or not there is more than one faucet in the building. For each family supplied with water from any fixture connected with the water works, $5. Any one who allows others to obtain water from their fixtures without authority from the water department will be charged extra for alt such use.

Water closets—For one in a one-family house. $5; for each additional in a one-family house, $1; for one in building occupied by two or more families, for each family, $5; for one in store, bank or office,$5; for each addition in store,bank, or office, $; for each in general use in block or office building, $10; water closets supplied by ordinary faucets or draw cocks not allowed except on metered services.

Bath tubs—For one or two for one family use, $4; for each tub in barber shop, $10.

Hose attachments—Accompanied by inside use, $6; when unaccompanied by inside use for domestic purposes the charge will be $10. The use of all hose is limited to three hours per day, and persons using are only allowed to sprinkle in front of their own premises.

Urinals—Each, $5; if not self-closing, must be metered.

Private stables—For one horse,with water for washing vehicles, $3; for each additional horse, $2; for each cart or work horse $1.50; for each cow, $1.50. An additional charge for the use of water in stables when it is unaccompanied by the use of water in dwelling on premises, of $5.

Stores—For faucet use only,$10.

Churches and lodges—For faucets only, $10.

For building purposes—For laying one cord or six perch of stone, $0.12; for plastering, 100 square yards, $0.20; for laying brick, per thousand, $0.6; for concrete, per cubic yard, $0.3.

Barber shops—For one chair, $5; for one additional chair, $2.

Blacksmith shops—For one fire, $7; for each additional fire, $3.

Mechanics’ shops—Not exceeding ten hands, $10; for each additional hand, $1.

Offices—For each office supplied with water from faucet in general use in building, $5; for faucet in office, $10.

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