Among the many people that avail themselves of opportunities to visit our various Engine houses we frequently find eminent foreign officials who evince the deepest in erest in our Fire Department and the complete equipment we possess for fire extinguishment. Last Saturday evening, Commander L. Lomen and Capt. E. Alexieff, both Russian naval offuers, in company with a JOURNAL representative, called at three or four different houses, where the exhibitions afforded them the highest pleasure. They had previously read of the celerity of Americ in Firemen, but they strongly doubted the ability of the men to do that rapid work with which they are credited. In conseq tence they looked upon the q tick-hitching with perfect wonderment, and when Mr. Ford, the affable Assistant Foreman of No. 33, had shouted a lusty “Ready,” these Russian gentlemen, who certainly counted upon “ ten minutes ” as the least time in which this work could be accomplished, fairly looked at one another with amazement. Their surprise was also manifes ed in a great degree when they beheld the perfect training of the horses, and alike in the manifold fire appliances of an Engine Company.

From Engine Company No. 33 the party were taken to Headquarters and shown the new telegraphic apparatus. Their asto ishment was apparent, and th’-y considered this a marvelous piece of mechanism, and for work of this character unparalleled. Every detail of this complex work they examined intently, whilst Mr. Edis, the clever operator, volunteered all the explanations that were sought, supplemented occasionally by Capt Bresnan. Through a suggestion of the 1 itter gentleman, the Russian officers were shown the torpedos which are designed for the use of the Sappers and Miners in ca*es of dire extremity Tt.ey studied the-e torpedos wi h great interest, d were also much pleased with the battery-room, where they were next conducted. This place elicited great commendations for its extensiveness and arrangement.

Their desire to see a Hook and Ladder Truck was gratified by faking them to Capt. Leonard’s Company on Elizabeth street, where they were interested for an hour in examining the apparatus. A feature that surprised them here svas the adoption of Calcium lights and Lacour’s Respirator.

On leaving, a visit was made to the Central Insurance Patrol Station, where they were much impressed with the further precaution and protection against fire.

A second visit was made to Capt. Bresnan’s Company, where they were again astonished by the quick time. Fireman Aiken amused them by illustrating the despatch with which Firemen dress at night time, and his swiftness was the object of much astonishment.

Messrs. Lomen and Alexieff are the chief officers of the Cimbria, that mysterious Russian vessel whose movements are watched with great curiosity. It is suspected that the Cimbria is anchored in our waters in furtherance ot a very warlike misssion. Whether this be so or not, we are certain that these gentlemen are far from hostile In manner they are assuredly unwarlike. Indeed, it has seldom been the fortune of our Firemen to be the recipient of such amiable visitors, and visitors, too, who were so sincerely interested and appreciative of what was shown them. It is to be hoped that they will make the tour of more Companies ere they leave us altogether.

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