Saginaw Wins Trophy for Second Time

Saginaw Wins Trophy for Second Time

Saginaw, Mich., has the honor of receiving the Paxton Mendelssohn fire prevention trophy for the second consecutive year. The trophy was awarded at the meeting of the Southeastern Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs at Detroit.

Another Honor for the Saginaw Fire Department Officers of the Saginaw Fire Department and their trophies. Left to right are Second Assistant Chief William C. McMannon, Inspector Alfred R. Borm, Chief F. W. Bender, Jr., First Assistant Chief Frank Mell and Third Assistant Chief Daniel J. Pressley. The trophy on the left is Paxton Mendelssohn fire prevention trophy. That on the right is the bugle presented by the Saginaw Association of Insurance Agents.

The trophy was given to Saginaw for its low fire loss during 1940, totalling $80,701, or 98 cents per capita. In 1939, when the department won the award for the first time, the per capita loss was 90 cents. If Saginaw wins the trophy for the third successive time, the department will acquire permanent possession.

Twenty cities which compose the Southeastern Michigan Association are in competition for the trophy. It was offered for the first time in 1935 and was won by Lansing, in 1936 by Ecorse, in 1937 by Hamtramck, in 1938 by Highland Park, and since then by Saginaw. Mendelssohn, who donated the trophy, is a fire fan.

This is the third award won by the Saginaw Fire Department during the past two years. The Saginaw Association of Insurance Agents awarded the department a trophy in 1940 in recognition of the outstanding reduction in fire losses in Saginaw, the ten year period being $1,750,000 less than the preceding ten year period.

The department is headed by Chief F. W. Bender, Jr.

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