Salaries of Water-Works Officials.

Salaries of Water-Works Officials.

[To the Editor of FIRE AND WATER.]

Where cun I get information as to the salaries of waterworks superintendents and the pay of high-class pumping and stationary engineers? Is the supply of competent men in these times fully equal to the demand or not? I have a curiosity to compare my duties and pay with that of others similarly situated. We have a 1,000 000 gallon reservoir, which holds a four days’ supply. I pump (doing my own firing), collect rates, put in taps and keep things in order, including the books. Office and pump-house are a mile apart. Pay is $75 per month. In the next town west of us things are the same. If convenient, answer, to gratify


[Referred to our readers.—Ed. FIRE AND WATER]

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