Sales Back Up Multipurpose Apparatus Trend

By Chris Mc Loone

Last year, Ferrara Fire Apparatus made two product introductions that have been gaining traction in the market—the Cinder chassis and the F-Shield chassis frame corrosion protection. Both products are doing very well, according to Paul Christiansen, Ferrara’s vice president of sales and marketing. Christiansen says that there are few northern fire companies that order Ferrara apparatus without the F-Shield. Additionally, he says orders for the Cinder chassis are coming in.

There are a number of benefits of the Cinder chassis, one of which is that it is considered by Christiansen to be a premier chassis without the premier cost. “It’s not like a stripped down chassis like you see a lot of times,” he says. “It’s still got that really nice look of the Ferno and the Igniter.” In the rear cab, Ferrara was able to relocate the engine tunnel so the floor is completely flat, so there’s more leg room for the forward-facing seats. It also bumped the height of the seat risers a little bit so they are a little more comfortable to sit in, which created storage under the rear-facing seats.

Christiansen also states that he expects to see the Cinder used for its MVP product, a multipurpose pumper, based on where Ferrara’s business is going right now. “The MVP—it may not be half of our business, but it’s close to it. We’re punching out quite a few of those.” And, he expects the trend to continue. “Where you’re seeing fewer traditional ‘this is just a rescue’ type of truck—I think that’s what you’re going to see. It’s been going that way the past five years, and it seems like it’s taking that direction even more. We’re even doing the [MVP] concept on single-axle aerials now.”

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