San Diego Opens New Stations

San Diego Opens New Stations

San Diego’s second newest fire station, located at 54th and Krenning Streets, was dedicated as Station No. 26, on March 10, 1955.

Dedication ceremonies, at which Fire Chief George E. Courser presided, were attended by civic dignitaries, residents of the neighborhood, and prominent representatives of the Pacific Fire Rating Bureau and local fire insurance groups.

The new station, architecturally designed to conform with other structures in the vicinity, has a low-level hose tower similar to those installed in all the City’s newer fire stations. The tower is actually of standard height, but was held near roof level by constructing a portion of it below ground.

The station is located in a new housing development of considerable size and building density. The increased fire protection provided by its equipment and personnel has resulted in a substantial reduction in fire insurance rates for citizens living in this part of the city.

Station No. 24, the most recent addition to San Diego’s fast growing number of modern fire stations, was officially placed in service July 18, 1955. Occupying 4300 square feet of floor area, and built at a cost of $58,000.00, the station is large enough to house two engine companies. It provides first-due protection for a combined residential and business occupancy district.

This latest station relocates and replaces the original Station No. 24, a Type V structure built during World War II to protect the city’s largest government housing project that is presently being dismantled.

The structure is of cement block, Type I construction, and features a concrete beam and slab roof and a low level hose tower. Its low silhouette, obtained by partially constructing the hose tower below grade, enables it to satisfactorily conform to the architectural design of nearby structures.

San Diego fire station No. 26. Hose tower is partly buried to reduce over-all height.San Diego dedicated its newest station on July 18.

Leading civic officials and heads of the various city departments directly responsible for the budgeting, designing, landscaping and furnishing the station were present at the dedication of this newest station. All were introduced by Fire Chief George E. Courser, who arranged and conducted dedication ceremonies. Vice-Mayor Clair W. Burgener, as principal speaker and councilman representing the district in which the station is located, clipped the red official dedication ribbon.

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