San Francisco Auxiliary Engine Companies

San Francisco Auxiliary Engine Companies

San Francisco now has twenty-five auxiliary engine companies in service, all of them with 500 g.p.m. skid pumps mounted on them and with complete miscellaneous equipment.

The city is also receiving delivery on trailer pumps, also of the 500 g.p.m. variety. When the delivery of all types of pumps contracted for has been completed, there will be 262 auxiliary pumpers in service and 336 trailers.

However, at the present time, the trailer pumps are standing in the yard at the fire department’s drill school, without tires. Local officials hope that the coming of gas rationing with the accompanying turning in of tires will provide enough to get the trailer pumps in rolling order.

So many auxiliary firemen have been inducted into the armed forces or have gone to work in the shipyards that Civilian Defense Director Jack Helms has made a plea for several thousand more auxiliary firemen to sign up.

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