San Francisco Bureau Supported

San Francisco Bureau Supported

The San Francisco Junior Chamber of Commerce was given credit for the establishment of the Fire Prevention Bureau by Capt. Theodore Trivett, technical head of the Bureau of Fire Prevention and Public Safety, at a luncheon held September 6th under the auspices of the junior organization.

“Due to the Fire Prevention Committee of the Junior Chamber of Commerce we are in a position now to operate as a Fire Prevention Bureau should,” declared Capt. Trivett during the course of his talk.

The lunch-meeting was a “get-together” affair, attended by members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Fire Prevention Committee and the inspectors of the l’ire Prevention Bureau, representatives of the Board of Fire Commissions. F’ire Underwriters and other organizations.

Thomas Larke Jr., chairman of the junior organization committee, outlined the work of the committee in enlisting support from the women’s clubs, parent-teachers’ organizations and other civic organizations, resulting in the appropriation of $15,000 by the Board of Supervisors for seven additional inspectors in the Bureau. Fifty applicants appeared before William Sherman, president of the Board of Fire Commissioners, Thomas Larke Jr., and assistant chiefs of the fire department. Seven were selected, five of whom were the unanimous choice of the examiners. Full responsibility for the operation of the Bureau was placed on Capt. Trivett.

Capt. Trivett detailed the early history of the Bureau: how it was organized, how it did good work for three or four years, and how “it died due to lack of funds.” He spoke enthusiastically of the support given him by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in his work of fire prevention. The Bureau has been in existence now, practically speaking, for two months, and work is progressing favorably.

The bureau is making an effort to give each hospital in the city a thorough inspection, and to work closely with the hospitals in the correction of any hazardous condition that might exist. One man is detailed to the schools and will continue that work until every school in the city has been carefully inspected both as to hazards, construction and exits, and until all dangers have been eliminated.

The down town district of the city is being systematically and thoroughly inspected. One man has been detailed to inspect the outlying mercantile districts of the city. Since July 1. 1928, according to Capt. Trivett, the Bureau has made 1,360 inspections, and has found 1,267 violations of the fire and building laws. Some 591 additional inspections were necessary to obtain correction of 531 of these violations, and the remainder will be followed into the courts if necessary to see that the conditions are eliminated.

Following Capt. Trivett’s report, there was a general discussion of the activities for Fire Prevention Week, October 7th to 13th. The Bureau and the Junior Chamber committee will endeavor to work out plans so that: five minute talks on Fire Prevention will be given in all schools and before all the luncheon clubs; stores will be asked to install fire prevention window displays ; a short message on Fire prevention will be broadcast, and homes will be inspected by the Bureau on request.

McDill Resigns as Ounsmuir, Cal., Chief—J ,F. McDill has presented his resignations as head of the fire department of Ounsmuir, Cal. The city’ refused to increase his salary and the resignation followed.

Ft. Madison, la., Firemen Have Rest—Firemen of Fort Madison, la., have enjoyed a vacation. The city has not had a fire during the past thirteen weeks and Chief Williard has commended the residents for practicing fire prevention methods.

New Fleet of Fire Boats for Portland, Ore. The three new boats, the David Campbell, Mike Laudenklos and Karl Gunster, are here shown lashed together during recent tests.

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