San Francisco Fire Protection System

San Francisco Fire Protection System

City Engineer O’Shaughnessy, of San Francisco, Cal., says the recently completed auxiliary fire protection system is superior to any other in the United States or the world. In a report to Rolla V. Watt, of the local board of underwriters, the city engineer thus concludes his findings:

“I have visited New York, Boston, Philadelplia and Baltimore, studying their fire protection system. I can unhestitatingly state that the system constructed in San F’rancisco is superior to any other in this country. With the two pumping stations and the Twin Peaks reservoir all widely separated and founded upon solid rock, as the main sources of supply, the two fireboats as powerful auxiliary sources, the distribution system provided with numerous gate valves to permit of cutting out any part which may be injured and the 136 cisterns, San Francisco is to-day provided with the best and most extensive fire rotection system in the world. Even the occurrence of an earthquake of equal or greater intensity than that of April, 1906, could not result iu seriously disabling any considerable part of the system, and property owners in this city can rest assured that the great fire of 1906 will never be duolieated.”

The report mentions in detail the various units of the auxiliary system, including the I win Peaks reservoir, capacity 10,500,000 gallons; Ashbury Heights tank, 500,000 gallons; Jones street tank, 750,000 gallons; pumping stations, Nos. 1 and 2. capacity of each, 12,000 gallon a minute with 300 pounds pressure a square inch; Ashbury Heights pumping station, capacity 1,400 gallons a minute; two steel fire boats, capacity of each 9,870 gallons per minute under 150 pounds pressure or 4,900 a minute at 300 pounds; 85 new cisterns of reinforced concrete of 75,000 gallons capacity each; one double cistern of 150,000 gallons capacity; 50 old cisterns, repaired, capacity varying from 20,000 to 50,000 gallons each; 71.81 miles of cast iron distributing pipe.

Application has been made to the State railroad commission by the Huntington Beach. Cal., Company, asking that body to establish rates for water service and rules under which such service shall be furnished.

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