A report to the underwriters of Savannah. Ga., states that the weak point of the fire department of that city seems to be the pumping force of a majority of the engines. The six engines combined have a pumpmg capacity of only 2,500 gallons per minute. Engine No. 1 has a capacity of 750 gallons per minute, and No. 3 of 990 gallons. Nos. 2, 4, and 5 have a capacity of only 350 gallons per minute each. No. 2, the report states, was built thirty-six years ago, and No. 6 is literally worthless and unreliable. As a remedy for these defects, it is suggested that measures be taken to secure the purchase of two new first-class engines, equal to No. 3. It is suggested that steps be taken to secure an additional appropriation from council for the fire department,in order that the suspended men may be restored to duty—the commissioners and the chief having complained that the force has been injuriously reduced, and that there are not sufficient men to men the machines. The report deals with the fire alarm system as follows:

The fire alarm system, which has been so much at fault for the last two months, has had our attention. The charge was that Mr.Claiborne.the former electrician, had been discharged, and that his successor, instead of perlorming the duties himself,had employed an inefficient person to do the work for him. The employe referred to, we have discovered, is simply a lineman, and his duties are such as a competent electrician does not perform—that is. are what is said to be beneath the duties of an educated electrician. The bad condition of the boxes seems to have been the result of two years’ neglect,so reported by the representative of the Gamewell alarm system, who has recently inspected them.

The committee gives the water department its complete indorsement. A statement of a number of tests made and the satisfactory results is given. The conclusion is that the fire protection, so far as the water supply is concerned, is all that is needed for the present. The committee recommends a permanent and thorough system of building inspection under properly framed ordinances. This work, it thinks,can be done by members of the fire department.

A petition to council refers to the report, a copy of which accompanies the petition, and asks for a hearing of the committee by council. The petition urges the purchase of two large fire engines the establishment of a p:oper system of building inspection,and the increase of the number of men in the service.

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