Save $500,000,000—Save Ten Thousand Lives Film Fire Prevention Campaign

Save $500,000,000—Save Ten Thousand Lives Film Fire Prevention Campaign

SPECIAL.—To all Fire Department Chiefs of the United States:

Fire and Water Engineering, in co-operatoin with the Educational Department of the Universal Manufacturing Company, is preparing an educational

MOTION PICTURE to be used in a great Fire Prevention Campaign which will cover every part of the country and is intended to halt the $500,000,000 annual property loss and the loss of thousands of lives caused by fires.

To make the campaign a SUCCESS it is necessary that the Fire Chiefs, the enemies of destructive fires and the protectors of life and property, lend their help; therefore—

FIRE CHIEFS: Please fill in the following QUESTIONNAIRE and mail.

Be Sure to Fill Out This Sheet and Mail

Name of City……………….. State.

Universal Film Manufacturing Co., 1600 Broadway, New York City.

Attention Mr. Harry Levey


We will co-operate with you and Fire and Water Engineering in the “Fire Prevention” campaign and show the film for a period of ……………………….. days, in the following theatres:

Film to be furnished without cost to us, as well as posters, cuts, mats for newspapers, etc.

(This is Important)

These Schools, Associations, Halls, Industrial Plants, etc., are equipped with motion picture projection machines as follows:

(It is hoped that Fire Chiefs will assign a fireman to the task ef obtaining this information, if it is not already at hand. Please list all standard as well as ail other projectors.)

The names of the newspapers In this city are—

We can use Posters……….Slides……….announcing the coming of this picture.

(Mark with X if you can use above)

Yours very truly,

NOTE: You can have this film as many nights as you can find theatres that will run it. We want to cover your city, and before the picture leaves we want to tell the fire prevention story to every man, woman, and child in your community.

If there is anything else that you can suggest to help make this campaign a success we would be glad to have you write.

We are especially interested in the most prolific cause of fires in your city.


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