Saybrook is Given New Chemical Car

Saybrook is Given New Chemical Car

Through a donation of $4,000 made by Finley J. Sheppard, a wealthy summer resident, the town of Saybrook, Conn., is now equipped with a modern piece of firefighting apparatus in the form of a new American – LaFrance Brockway Torpedo type C chemical car. The machine is now housed in a new fire station. The accompanying illustration shows Chief Gordon B. Smith on the seat of the new apparatus. The new chemical is equipped with two 35 and one 40-gallon tank. 4 Rough Rider extension ladders, two hose reels with 200 feet of chemical hose and a large basket for carrying coats, boots and other paraphernalia. The chassis is an especially made one. The motor is 40 horse power, Wisconsin make. The machine was given its initial test recently and pronounced O. K. by the town officials of Saybrook. A new Gamewell fire alarm system to take care of the present needs of the town has been installed.

Fire House and New Chemical Car of Saybrook, Conn.

New Lexington, Ohio, Superintendent Dead—Charles W. Rinehart, superintendent of the water works at New Lexington. Ohio, and one of that city’s foremost citizens, died late in August at the age of sixty-eight, front injuries received two months ago whence fell from a fruit tree.

Higginsville, Mo., Votes Bonds for Lake Supply System— Higginsville, Mo, has voted to issue $100,000 bonds for the construction of a water works that will tap a nearby lake, having a capacity of 170,000,000 gallons. A 100,000-gallon’ standpipe will be erected. E. T. Archer & Co., of Kansas City are the engineers engaged for this project.

Carmi, Ill., Lets Water Works Contract—A water works contract has been let by the city of Carmi, Ill., to the Johnson Engineering Company of Waterloo, Iowa, for $82,250. In addition to the new filtration plant the contract includes the construction of a dam in the Little Wabash River and a 100-foot water tower. Water from that river will be filtered and water meters will be used in conjunction with the distribution system.

Nashville to Make $3,000,000 Improvements—The city of Nashville, Tenn., will vote Nov. 4 on a $3,000,000 bond issue for the enlargement of the water works system to accommodate a population of 300,000 which will care for the city’s growth for thirty years or more. The major improvements of the proposed program include: an additional reservoir in the West End section, to cost $300,000; filtration plant. $750,000; duplicate force main from the pumping plant to the present reservoir with a branch extension to the proposed new reservoir, $500,000; new boiler plant, $300,000, and main extensions to cost about $120,000. It is planned to disconnect from the present reservoir all mains supplying the Belmont, Hillsboro. West End and West Nashville residential districts, and to supply that territory from the new reservoir. This would greatly increase the water pressure in the present mains supplying South, East and North Nashville.

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